“Jonathan's expert advice really helped me get set up to record my audio book of the novel Remorseless, and his skills really came into their own when he edited and mastered my narration to create a truly professional result.

Highly recommended!”


Will Patching

Author, Independent Business Consultant

“Having worked as voice talent several times with Jon as the engineer, I can enthusiastically recommend his work. Jon has the ears, the technical expertise, and the personality required to work through multiple takes and get the best result for his client. Anytime I know I am working with Jon Lindley, I know the end result will be right.”


Buzz Kemper

Voice Talent/Owner,

Audio for the Arts

“Jon is a fantastic team player and motivates others with his work ethic. He adds value to every project he touches, and his skills and knowledge of the industry are constantly growing.

Although Jon and I no longer work together, I am confident that he continues to excel at The Geo Group and know he is always willing to face new challenges in the workplace.

Simply put, Jon is a model employee!”


Angela Severson

Training and Quality Assurance Lead at Wisconsin Department of Revenue

“I would highly recommend Jon for his expertise, diligence and overall positive attitude. Jon and I have worked together for about three years at The Geo Group; it was evident shortly after I met him that he would be a great fit for Geo. He is always willing to put in the extra time and effort to complete a project on time. Jon is a great employee!”


Anne Marie Jarmuz

Project Manager at

The Geo Group

“Beyond just skills, Jon is the best team member anyone could ask for. He is flexible with his time and he is open to helping out wherever help is needed. He is smart and professional and a joy to be around. It was a very sad day for me recently when I joined another company and had to leave Jon. I only hope I can find other employees at my new company as fine as Jon. I wish I could clone him and take him with me! He would be an asset to anyone who is looking for an honest, hard-working, skilled employee with a good attitude. What more could you want?”


Doug Swenson

Event Services Account Manager at Sonic Foundry

“Jon is an enthusiastic learner. He met all challenges with a great attitude and was open to constructive criticism. He also was a classroom leader and very active in his experience. He was great to have as a student and I am pleased to call him my friend.”


Nancy Stillwell

Instructor at Madison Area Technical College

“I can easily recommend Jon based on his aptitude, intelligence, reliability, wit and charm.”


Heather Yonker

Instructor at

Madison College

“Jon is hard working, diligent, talented, smart...what can I say? He was one of our star students at Madison Media Institute, so much so that we hired him to tutor and serve as one of our T.As in the classroom. I would recommend him for any position he pursued.”


Nancy Gray

Education Professional & Adult Trainer

"Jon is dependable, knowledgeable, has great attention to detail. He understands our company mission and conveys that mission to his subordinates. Under Jon's supervision everyone in his department understands quality of production and on-time delivery. Both are extremely important in our business."


Scott W. Roeming

General Manager

The Geo Group Corporation